ARTY Marcoms offers the full range of marketing communications to help you stand out from the crowd. We can work with you to create a tailored service that can include any or all of the following:

Press releases

Badly written press releases are a major irritation to journalists – but they really appreciate clear, concise copy that is easy to understand and pass on to their readers.

Press relations

Don't be frightened of the press; it's their job to find out about you and your solutions. By using ARTY Marcoms, you put 30 years' experience in front of broadcast and media technology journalists and magazines around the world to work for you.

Magazine articles

Magazines love 'free' articles – but only if they are relevant, well written and balanced. Done right, they can enhance your reputation and drive enquiries.

Editorial contributions

Engage with the media and its readers by contributing meaningful opinions and attention-gaining insights. Once established, you will quickly become a 'go-to' source for the media, increasing your company's profile as well as customer awareness of your solutions.

Website copy

For most companies their website is their front window; make yours as attractive as it can be. And remember that while a great looking website is one thing, for the visitor, content is king; we can ensure that your messaging attracts and retains visitors to your website, increasing traffic and helping to fill the sales funnel.

Sales brochure copy

We produce hard hitting sales brochure copy that engages readers, presenting your product or service in the best light possible. While brochures may not be the front line sales tool they used to be, they are still vital collateral for your customer to use internally to promote the purchase of your product or service.

Email copy

You only get one shot before recipients delete or unsubscribe; make sure it's your best one! ARTY Marcoms has many years' experience in crafting emails that deliver click-throughs.

Case studies

Your potential customers want to know how you have helped their peers and competitors get ahead. Customer case studies are an excellent way of doing this – and great for customer relations too.

Exhibition graphics copy

How many times have you walked past an exhibition stand that is covered with meaningless slogans and gobbledegook? Make your exhibit stand out and pull visitors in with clear, attractive messaging.

Awards submissions

Winning awards is a great way to get your company noticed and talked about – but how many times have you been put off by the application process? ARTY Marcoms has handled many successful awards submissions, from Queen's Awards, Emmys, IBC and IABM awards to trade magazine show awards. We can help you get your name in lights.


"Roger is a smart wordsmith with all the right connections in the broadcast and media industry. He understands the needs of the reader and ensures that digital and print communications get the right message across to each audience."

Steve Owen, Marketing Director

"In my 40+ years in the film & broadcast sectors as a writer, Roger Thornton has been one of the very best market-aware communications specialists I have ever worked with.

"The speed with which Roger would set up interview opportunities I requested was incredible. All published releases were informative. All press events he set up and publicised were sharp to specific newsworthy points.

"The industry-wide respect of Roger's skill set was exceeded by an industry wide respect for the man himself. His wide popularity is both a measure of his competence and reflection of his great kindness."

George Jarrett, Journalist